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Olivet Nazarene University needed a marketing campaign that allowed them to keep existing students interested in campus events while also creating a brand that’s recognizable to prospective students interested in attending. We created a brand identity that visually sets itself apart from the main university while retaining a name that not only conveys the purpose of the campaign but also retains the school’s name.


We’ve been engaging students since 2012 using Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and a custom iOS and Android app. Keep scrolling to see the impact we’ve made.

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Custom Design
We designed custom graphic templates to promote campus events and created a distinct brand using hand lettering – starting with the logo down to daily social content.
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Hand-drawn logo

Building a brand as a subset of an existing, well-established University was a challenge. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel with a new icon people would see and recognize, we chose to create a complimentary visual identity using a wordmark.


The Life at Olivet logo uses the purple and gold colors all Olivetians are used to, but we’ve tweaked them to be more modern. The wordmark itself is also built to evolve with design trends. The original design was cursive, while the updated logo has clean, thick lines. This allows us to lean into Olivet’s main brand while forging an identity of our own and conveying our purpose through visuals – we are current and ever-changing, just like each generation of new students.

Engaging creative

We create content that meets students where they are and engages with what they’re most interested in. Whether that’s posting a trending meme or capitalizing on a trend and using a custom Instagram filter that students can use and share to their stories.


Over the years, we’ve created custom Snapchat filters around specific campus events that received millions of views and thousands of uses. Recently, we’ve taken advantage of Facebook’s Spark AR Studio to create Instagram filters that promote events and provide an interactive element for students to engage with. And weekly we share event promotions using branded templates that encourage students to stop scrolling.


We also take advantage of the unique benefits of each platform. To promote a typical event, we share save the date info via the Facebook and Instagram feeds, send a push notification prior to the event starting, share in-the-moment highlights via Instagram stories, and then share an album filled with hundreds of tagged student photos via Facebook.

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