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Reaching volunteers and those in need

CityServe Arizona, the parent organization of HopeFestPHX, is a non-profit dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the underserved citizens of Phoenix and the entire Valley. Through collaboration with private businesses, local government and individuals, HopeFestPHX provides thousands of people with free services like: medical, dental, vision, food, housing, haircuts, clothing, personal care products, employment services, child safety needs and more.


Their small staff was unable to keep up with administrative work, development demands, and marketing efforts. We partnered with them to redesign their website, run their social media accounts, and keep their email lists engaged – all free of charge.

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Custom Design

We used simple social graphics to share the impact HopeFestPHX has, strengthening their case with strategic partners and providing a starting point to engage with potential guests interested in attending an event.

Beautiful Photography
We partnered with a volunteer photographer, took some of our own photos, and combined efforts to visually demonstrate the positive, emotional impact HopeFestPHX has on people’s lives. Those photos were used across several mediums – from social media and the website to a custom promotional book. These printed books were used to share results with stakeholders, helping strengthen relationship with donors, private businesses, state agencies, and volunteers.
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Brand new website

We were able to upgrade HopeFestPHX’s outdated website to a modern, responsive solution running on a user-friendly CMS in order to relieve some of the burden from the staff.


The new design brought a more graphic-driven and colorful design to better engage with their core audiences. Two of the biggest problems HopeFestPHX had were ease-of-use for people visiting the website as well as for staff members managing content. To make the website easier for volunteers and guests to use, we created a responsive design that worked across devices and make large, clear CTA’s for each stakeholder. We also added a prominent email capture form to help interested parties quickly get the information they need.


In the backend of the old website, sponsors were added individually and were automatically bumped to the end of the list with no way to re-arrange them unless you knew how to code. We implemented a standard, easy-to-use CMS that allowed HopeFestPHX volunteers and employees to easily manage all content via a drag and drop interface – including sponsor logos.

Consistent Social Presence

We created an Instagram account and added order and structure to the social media process, alleviating stress for HopeFestPHX employees and allowing us to create a consistent presence across their various social platforms. Most importantly, we were able to communicate directly with guests who used Facebook Messenger to ask questions about services offered, get updates on when HopeFestPHX was taking place, and more.

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